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constant.h -
created at: Sun Nov 15 00:09:33 2009
Copyright (C) 2009 Yusuke Endoh
#ifndef CONSTANT_H
#define CONSTANT_H
typedef enum {
} rb_const_flag_t;
typedef struct rb_const_entry_struct {
rb_const_flag_t flag;
VALUE value; /* should be mark */
} rb_const_entry_t;
VALUE rb_mod_private_constant(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
VALUE rb_mod_public_constant(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE obj);
void rb_free_const_table(st_table *tbl);
VALUE rb_public_const_get(VALUE klass, ID id);
VALUE rb_public_const_get_at(VALUE klass, ID id);
VALUE rb_public_const_get_from(VALUE klass, ID id);
int rb_public_const_defined(VALUE klass, ID id);
int rb_public_const_defined_at(VALUE klass, ID id);
int rb_public_const_defined_from(VALUE klass, ID id);
#endif /* CONSTANT_H */
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