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* man/ruby.1: [DOC] Use instead of RAA.

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+Tue Dec 10 18:16:09 2013 SHIBATA Hiroshi <>
+ * man/ruby.1: [DOC] Use instead of RAA.
Tue Dec 10 17:21:30 2013 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>
* gc.c (wmap_finalize, wmap_aset_update): use simple malloced array
4 man/ruby.1
@@ -491,8 +491,8 @@ as bellow.
The official web site.
hosting many open source ruby projects.
-Ruby Application Archive.
+Comprehensive catalog of Ruby libraries.
Ruby projects on Github.

7 comments on commit 4d5729a


Yay! As the guy behind the Ruby Toolbox, I am very proud to have made it into man ruby, thanks!

ms-ati commented on 4d5729a Jun 1, 2014


Ruby Programming Language member

@colszowka 🍻🍻🍻


Odd timing, just as the toolbox seems to be unmaintained.


@dancinglightning I can assure you it isn't


👍 Ruby Toolbox is awesome. Thanks @colszowka ❤️, it's a great combination of popularity (forks/stars) and activity by category!


@colszowka Any dates? it surely has been long enough to find my comment understandable.
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