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enumerator extended with lazy select and map #100

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Please, see for more info about enumerator laziness.

I've added Enumerator#lazy method that marks enumerator as lazy.
Also lazy Enumerator#map and Enumerator#select defined.
The idea is very simple - block that passed to lazy method (select or map) is converted to Proc and stored in enumerator itself.
When next element requested - all Proc objects are called for this value and the result returned. Proc#call result handling depends on proc_entry type.


a = [1,2,3,4].to_enum.lazy { |a| a*10 }.select { |a| a > 10 }
puts #=> 20
puts #=> 30
puts #=> 40

Keep in mind - I'm kinda a newbie in ruby patching, so please, let me know your thoughts/fixes/comments.
Does it make any sense to add laziness this way?


trans commented Feb 24, 2012

Is this marking the Enumerator in place rather returning a new "lazy enumerator"?


Yeah, it's marking in place. But that's not a problem since we have enumerator_init_copy, that can be used in Enumerator#lazy.
This PR is to demonstrate an idea, if the idea makes sense - I'll add necessary fixes and methods.

@gregolsen gregolsen closed this Mar 5, 2012
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