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-= What's Ruby
+We think Ruby is the best programming language.
-Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and
-easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to
-process text files and to do system management tasks (as in
-Perl). It is simple, straight-forward, and extensible.
+For internal issues we want our own programming language based on Ruby.
+It will become a new naming of methods, which must be compatible with the original Ruby.
-== Features of Ruby
+We will need destructors for the GC and another name for the GC.
-* Simple Syntax
-* *Normal* Object-Oriented features(ex. class, method calls)
-* *Advanced* Object-Oriented features(ex. Mix-in, Singleton-method)
-* Operator Overloading
-* Exception Handling
-* Iterators and Closures
-* Garbage Collection
-* Dynamic Loading of Object files(on some architecture)
-* Highly Portable (works on many Unix-like/POSIX compatible platforms
- as well as Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS etc.)
- cf.
+And we want Ruby's old simplicity for the returned values:
+a not assigned variable which is used does not raise an exception, it will return a nil object instead.
+Our dream is this Ruby will become "Microsoft A++" for the .NET framework and ruby scripts will be translated to the CLI.
-== How to get Ruby
-For a complete list of ways to install Ruby, including using third party
-tools like rvm, see:
-The Ruby distribution files can be found in the following FTP site:
-The trunk of the Ruby source tree can be checked out with the
-following command:
- $ svn co ruby
-Or if you are using git then use following command:
- $ git clone git://
-There are some other branches under development. Try the following
-command and see the list of branches:
- $ svn ls
-Or if you are using git then use following command:
- $ git ls-remote git://
-== Ruby home-page
-The URL of the Ruby home-page is:
-== Mailing list
-There is a mailing list to talk about Ruby.
-To subscribe this list, please send the following phrase
- subscribe YourFirstName YourFamilyName
- subscribe Joseph Smith
-in the mail body (not subject) to the address <>.
-== How to compile and install
-This is what you need to do to compile and install Ruby:
-0. If you want to use Microsoft Visual C++ to compile ruby,
- read win32/README.win32 instead of this document.
-1. If +./configure+ does not exist or is older than,
- run autoconf to (re)generate configure.
-2. Run +./configure+, which will generate config.h and Makefile.
- Some C compiler flags may be added by default depending on your
- environment. Specify <tt>optflags=..</tt> and <tt>warnflags=..</tt> as
- necessary to override them.
-3. Edit +defines.h+ if you need. Usually this step will not be needed.
-4. Remove comment mark(<tt>#</tt>) before the module names from +ext/Setup+
- (or add module names if not present), if you want to link modules
- statically.
- If you don't want to compile non static extension modules
- (probably on architectures which does not allow dynamic loading),
- remove comment mark from the line "<tt>#option nodynamic</tt>" in
- +ext/Setup+.
- Usually this step will not be needed.
-5. Run +make+.
-6. Optionally, run '<tt>make check</tt>' to check whether the compiled Ruby
- interpreter works well. If you see the message "<tt>check succeeded</tt>",
- your ruby works as it should (hopefully).
-7. Run '<tt>make install</tt>'
- This command will create following directories and install files
- onto them.
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/bin</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/include/ruby-${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/include/ruby-${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}/${PLATFORM}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}/${PLATFORM}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/site_ruby</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/site_ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/site_ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}/${PLATFORM}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}/${PLATFORM}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/lib/ruby/gems/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/share/man/man1</tt>
- * <tt>${DESTDIR}${prefix}/share/ri/${MAJOR}.${MINOR}.${TEENY}/system</tt>
- If Ruby's API version is '_x.y.z_', the <tt>${MAJOR}</tt> is '_x_', the
- <tt>${MINOR}</tt> is '_y_', and the <tt>${TEENY}</tt> is '_z_'.
- *NOTE*: teeny of the API version may be different from one of
- Ruby's program version
- You may have to be a super user to install ruby.
-If you fail to compile ruby, please send the detailed error report with
-the error log and machine/OS type, to help others.
-Some extension libraries may not get compiled because of lack of
-necessary external libraries and/or headers, then you will need to run
-'<tt>make distclean-ext</tt>' to remove old configuration after
-installing them in such case.
-== Copying
-See the file +COPYING+.
-== Feedback
-Questions about the Ruby language can be asked on the Ruby-Talk mailing list
-( or on websites like
-Bug reports should be filed at
-== The Author
-Ruby was originally designed and developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) in 1995.
-Local variables:
-mode: rdoc
+Actually we do not have the money to cooperate with Microsoft, so A++ will be even more custom and from Systemulate. Another thing is the conflict of the GPL with Microsoft.
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