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Download ZIP, lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Change Unicode

Version for character normalization data from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0.

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cgi session.rb: SHA512
drb drb: avoid redundant fcntl call
irb * lib/drb/drb.rb: use attr_reader instead of Module#attr.
matrix * lib/matrix/eigenvalue_decomposition.rb: refine code style.
net * lib/net/ftp.rb (mtime): use usec instead of fractions to parse
optparse * lib/cgi/core.rb: remove unused variables.
racc Fix typo in racc english documentation [ci skip]
rbconfig * tool/mkconfig.rb: remove not to require rbconfig/obsolete.rb.
rdoc * lib/rdoc/*: Update rdoc master(cfffed5)
rexml * lib/rexml/source.rb (REXML::IOSource#scan): Fix a typo in
rinda remove unnecessary enumerator requires
rss rss.rb: don't substitute, just search
rubygems * lib/rubygems/stub_specification.rb (Gem::StubSpecification#data):
shell * lib/shell/process-controller.rb: removed commented-out code.
unicode_normalize, lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Change Unicode
uri * lib/uri/rfc2396_parser.rb (initialize_pattern):
webrick * lib/webrick/server.rb: use IO::NULL instead of '/dev/null'
xmlrpc * lib/xmlrpc/parser.rb: added new parser class using libxml-ruby gem.
yaml * lib/yaml/dbm.rb: [DOC] Document call-seq for YAML::DBM
English.rb * lib/English.rb: [DOC] $LOADED_FEATURES moved to load.c [Fixes GH-620]
abbrev.rb * lib/abbrev.rb: remove executable.
base64.rb * lib/base64.rb: Fix rdoc-formatting for padding argument.
benchmark.rb lib/benchmark.rb: just use Process::CLOCK_MONOTONIC
cgi.rb * lib/cgi.rb: remove needless condition for old ruby version.
cmath.rb * lib/cmath.rb: shouldn't use non-ASCII characters in documentation. …
csv.rb * lib/csv.rb: typo fix [ci skip][fix GH-958] Patch by @henrik
debug.rb * lib/debug.rb: [DOC] Fix typo
delegate.rb * lib/delegate.rb: Remove backtrace cleaning for delegated methods
drb.rb import from drb-2.0.4b3
e2mmap.rb * lib/e2mmap.rb: remove needless instance variables.
erb.rb erb: set variables from the command line
fileutils.rb fileutils.rb: fix rename_cannot_overwrite_file
find.rb * lib/find.rb (Find.find): Call to_path for arguments to obtain
forwardable.rb reapply r40839 [Fixes GH-316]
getoptlong.rb fix typos inspired by r40825
ipaddr.rb * lib/ipaddr.rb: extracted inline tests into test dir.
irb.rb * Fix typo. Patch by @davydovanton
logger.rb logger.rb: simplify
mathn.rb lib/mathn.rb: remove built-in methods
matrix.rb * lib/matrix.rb: added documentation for Matrix#empty and Matrix#/
mkmf.rb mkmf.rb: remove unnecessary variables
monitor.rb * lib/monitor.rb (mon_try_enter, mon_enter): should reset @mon_count
mutex_m.rb * lib/mutex_m.rb: Add rdoc for Mutex_m module
observer.rb * lib/drb/acl.rb: Removed meaningless #to_s methods in interpolation.
open-uri.rb * lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.open_http): refactoring of r48941.
open3.rb open3.rb: Hash.try_convert
optionparser.rb lib/optionparser.rb
optparse.rb fix typo in OptionParser#complete docs [ci skip]
ostruct.rb ostruct.rb: fix NameError
pp.rb * lib/pp.rb (File::Stat#pritty_print): some platforms (such as Windows)
prettyprint.rb * lib/prettyprint.rb: removed PrettyPrint#first?
prime.rb * lib/prime.rb: Return sized enumerators.
profile.rb * lib/debug.rb, lib/profile.rb: fix to use RubyVM.
profiler.rb * lib/profiler.rb: Document Profiler__ methods
pstore.rb * lib/pstore.rb: split executable code into sample directory.
rdoc.rb * lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc 4.2.0.
resolv-replace.rb * lib/resolv-replace.rb (TCPSocket#initialize): resolve the 3rd
resolv.rb lib/*: use monotonic clock for timeouts
rss.rb * lib/csv.rb: fix a typo.
rubygems.rb * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems HEAD(fe61e4c112).
scanf.rb minor rdoc typo
securerandom.rb random.c: rand_random_number
set.rb * lib/set.rb: Make Set#each and SortedSet#each generate a sized
shell.rb * lib/e2mmap.rb: remove needless instance variables.
shellwords.rb * lib/shellwords.rb: proofreading documentation.
singleton.rb * lib: remove trailing spaces.
sync.rb fix typos. Patch by k_takata.
tempfile.rb * lib/tempfile.rb: Fix typo. [fix GH-933] Patch by @Zorbash
thwait.rb * lib/drb/drb.rb: use attr_reader instead of Module#attr.
time.rb * lib/time.rb (strptime): Support %s.%N.
timeout.rb timeout.rb: freeze a string message
tmpdir.rb * lib/tmpdir.rb (Dir.mktmpdir): Accept nil again, as Ruby 2.1.
tracer.rb * lib/cgi.rb: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentation [Fixes GH-341]
tsort.rb * lib/tsort.rb: Returns an enumerator if no block is given.
ubygems.rb Import RubyGems trunk revision 1493.
un.rb un.rb: cwd by default
unicode_normalize.rb * lib/unicode_normalize.rb: typo fix. [ci skip]
uri.rb bump URI::VERSION to 0.10.0
weakref.rb * lib/weakref.rb: split executable code into sample directory.
webrick.rb * lib/webrick.rb: [DOC] fix grammar in WEBrick overview [Fixes GH-413]
xmlrpc.rb * lib/xmlrpc.rb: [DOC] fix typo.
yaml.rb * lib/yaml.rb: fix typo. [ci skip][fix GH-890]
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