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tag: v1_3_1_990209
English.rb	access global variables by english names
Env.rb		access environment variables as globals
README		this file
base64.rb	encode/decode base64 (obsolete)
cgi-lib.rb	decode CGI data
complex.rb	complex number suppor
date.rb		date object (compatible)
date2.rb	yet another (better) date object
debug.rb	ruby debugger
delegate.rb	delegate messages to other object
e2mmap.rb	exception utilities
eregex.rb	extended regular expression (just a proof of concept)
final.rb	add finalizer to the object (simple)
finalize.rb	add finalizer to the object
find.rb		traverse directory tree
ftools.rb	file tools
ftplib.rb	ftp access library
getoptlong.rb	GNU getoptlong compatible
getopts.rb	parse command line options
importenv.rb	access environment variables as globals
jcode.rb	japanese text handling (replace String methods)
mailread.rb	read mail headers
mathn.rb	extended math operation
matrix.rb	matrix calculation library
mkmf.rb		Makefile maker
monitor.rb	exclusive region monitor for thread
mutex_m.rb	mutex mixin
observer.rb	observer desing pattern library (provides Observable)
open3.rb	open subprocess connection stdin/stdout/stderr
ostruct.rb	python style object
parsearg.rb	argument parser using getopts
parsedate.rb	parse date string
ping.rb		check whether host is up, using TCP echo.
profile.rb	ruby profiler
pstore.rb	persistent object strage using marshal
rational.rb	rational number support
readbytes.rb	define IO#readbytes
shell.rb	shell like operation under Ruby (imcomplete)
shellwords.rb	split into words like shell
singleton.rb	singleton design pattern library
sync.rb		2 phase lock
telnet.rb	telnet library
tempfile.rb	temporary file that automatically removed
thread.rb	thread support
thwait.rb	thread syncronization class
timeout.rb	provids timeout
tracer.rb	execution tracer
weakref.rb	weak reference class
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