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(This is not a talk proposal)

I'm not sure this is useful, but in case it seems reasonable,
here it is.
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@@ -13,7 +13,12 @@ What better way to submit a talk proposal than via GitHub!
and about yourself
4. Replace the `profile_picture.jpg` with a picture of yourself that we
can use to list you on the speakers page when you are accepted.
-5. Create a pull request of your fork
+5. Create a pull request of your fork. Consider using the title of your
+ talk as the pull request subject, as this makes the list of pull requests
+ enticing to read.
+NOTE: Please don't delete the example folder, as this will delete it in
+master when your pull request gets merged.
You can add any type of assets to support your proposal inside your folder.
When a talk gets accepted we will press the lovely green merge button.

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