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+# RubyConf Australia 2013 Call for Proposals
-RubyConf Australia 2013 Call for Proposals
+So, you are interested in giving a talk at the inaugural Ruby conference in Australia?
+And what better way to submit a talk proposal than via GitHub!
+## Here is what to do
+1. Fork this repository
+2. Copy the sample folder `example/` to `your_name-talk_name`
+3. Edit the `` file and type a good description about your talk
+ and about yourself
+4. Replace the `profile_picture.jpg` with a picture of yourself that we
+ can use to list you on the speakers page when you are accepted.
+5. Create a pull request of your fork
+You can add any type of assets to support your proposal inside your
+When a talk gets accepted we will press the lovely green merge button.

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