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+# More Git and GitHub Secrets
+Git and GitHub are both tools that can be used to help you build things. If
+you get better with those tools, you'll build things quicker. If you're really
+good, your products will just start materializing out of thin air like some
+sort of freaky efficient ghost situation thing.
+So learn better ways to do just that. This talk is about loading you up with
+zillions of Git and GitHub tips that'll make you a way better developer (or at
+least someone who knows arcane knowledge about Git and GitHub).
+### Secret Information Aside
+So I gave a ["Git and GitHub Secrets" talk](
+a couple times this year, so this isn't a newish idea from me, but by the time
+RubyConf comes around next year I'm sure half the talk will be outdated or boring
+or I'll otherwise dislike it. I've already been keeping tabs on new things I want
+to include in a future talk, so you can safely consider the *content* of this talk
+to be new.
+### Zach Holman
+Zach works at GitHub. When he's not doing that, he's blogging, hacking on open
+source, and giving talks about building products, growing startups, and using
+Ruby. He lives in San Francisco.
+![Profile picture](
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](
+- [Past talk slides & video](

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