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From Stubbies to Longnecks - Finding and fixing application bottlenecks
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+# From Stubbies to Longnecks - Finding and curing scaling bottlenecks
+Every application is different. Every application performs and scales in
+a different manner. What stays the same are the tools we use to monitor
+and diagnose our applications when they get sick or have a big night
+In this talk I'll cover how monitors and troubleshoots
+the performance and scalability of our Ruby and non-Ruby apps. I'll look
+at the tools we use to infer when/where things go wrong and several
+cases where things *have* gone wrong and how we've dug our way out of
+the whole.
+Examples of areas covered include:
+- Vertical scaling our way out of I/O pain
+- Horizontal scaling our apps for throughput and availability
+- Using HTTP and CDNs to avoid the reddit-effect
+- Tools we use for establishing performance 'baselines'
+## Geoffrey Giesemann
+Geoffrey is a Technical Lead at When he isn't
+wailing away on a keyboard punching out Ruby he daydreams about making
+teams operationally excellent with liberal doses of DevOps and building
+a cape that will make him nerf-proof.
+![Profile picture](
+- [My twitter](
+- [Past talk slides](
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