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Build your own PaaS with OpenShift talk proposal #65

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Thank you for consideration.


Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, due to the high number of excellent proposals, our panel has not been able to include this talk at this stage. Should this situation change, we will contact you.

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+# Building your own PaaS with OpenShift
+OpenShift is an open source Platform as a Service sponsored by Red Hat.
+It is built with Ruby, and lets you manage your applications atop VMs,
+which may be on IaaS such as OpenStack and Amazon EC2.
+In this talk, we:
+* review OpenShift's architecture
+* set up OpenShift's components
+* create and configure an application based on OpenShift's built-in types
+* extend OpenShift by adding a new application type using
+ [TorqueBox](
+## My Name
+Hiro Asari is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat working on the
+OpenShift team.
+He has also contributed to many open source projects, including JRuby
+and its many related projects, RubySpec and RefineryCMS.
+- [My twitter](
+- [Past talk slides](
+- [Past talk
+ video](
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