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SELECT ALL THE THINGS; Database indexes for fun & profit! #83

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A talk on the not-actually-black art of database indexing, with practical examples using popular open source databases.


Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, due to the high number of excellent proposals, our panel has not been able to include this talk at this stage. Should this situation change, we will contact you.

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+# SELECT ALL THE THINGS; Database indexes for fun & profit!
+Database indexing seems to have a reputation as something of a black art.
+The two most common approaches are to index nothing or everything - neither
+of which is the ideal strategy.
+This talk will cover some common questions about database indexes, such as:
+* What are indexes?
+* Why should you add an index?
+* How do you figure out what indexes you need?
+* When *shouldn't* you add an index?
+With practical examples using popular open source databases, hopefully by
+the end of this talk you'll have gained some tips on using indexes to get
+more from your database!
+## John Dalton
+John is a DBA and App Support Engineer with Engine Yard. Working from his
+home office in Tasmania he's helped troubleshoot performance issues for
+organisations all over the world, large and small.
+While a newbie to the Ruby community, he's been an active member of the
+sysadmin community within Australia for more than a decade. During that
+time he's spoken at SAGE-AU conferences, spent a couple of years as
+president of the Tas chapter of SAGE-AU, and was a member of the team that
+ran in 2009.
+Outside of work he enjoys photography, whisk[e]y, singing (everything from
+karaoke to occasional performances with the TSO Chorus), and spending time
+with his wife and four young boys.
+![Profile picture](
+- [twitter](
+- [ADN](
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