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Planned Changes

Also take a look at the issues page

Version 2.4

  1. Support for Ruby 1.9.3
  2. Integration with travis for CI
    1. Test against Rails 2.3
    2. Test without Rails
    3. Test against 1.8.7, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, jruby

Version 3.0

  1. Convert test cases from riot to rspec2 - Done!
  2. Move Service Callback, PGT Callback and Single Sign Out Callback to a Rack Middleware.

Version 3.1

  1. Cleanup the way Ticket Store integration works
  2. Improve test coverage for CASClient::Client
  3. Remove dependency on activesupport (expect in Rails specific classes)
  4. Support for Rails 3.0 and 3.1


  1. Support for other Rubies (JRuby, Rubinius, etc.)
  2. Support for Rails 3.2

Documentation Needs

Improve/Rewrite Documentation

The documentation isn't the clearest and is now a bit out of date. That needs addressing


We could use some new and/or improved examples for

  1. Rails 2.3
  2. Rails 3.x
  3. Sinatra