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Point infoline to new

rather than the old URL at
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1 parent 426aba5 commit 18dd9108c459aad291ee0c4829c63f14528e5607 @adamcrown adamcrown committed Dec 6, 2012
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2 config/config.example.yml
@@ -426,7 +426,7 @@ organization: CAS
# A short bit of text that shows up on the login page. You can make this blank
# if you prefer to have no extra text shown at the bottom of the login box.
-infoline: Powered by <a href="">RubyCAS-Server</a>
+infoline: Powered by <a href="">RubyCAS-Server</a>
# Custom views directory. If set, this will be used instead of 'lib/casserver/views'.
#custom_views: /path/to/custom/views

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