RubyCocoa 1.2.0

@kimuraw kimuraw released this May 31, 2015 · 102 commits to master since this release

RubyCocoa 1.2.0

Changes 1.2.0 from 1.1.0: 2014-07-27


  • support ruby-2.0 or later, mostly works as same as on ruby-1.8.
    • we release RubyCocoa installers as separated packages for ruby-1.8/2.0.
      replace RubyCocoa.framework if you try to run your RubyCocoa application
      with OS X 10.9 buitin ruby-2.0.
  • when called method is not found on an Objective-C object, RubyCocoa
    raises NoMethodError. (before: OSX::OCMessageSendException)


  • CocoaClass#objc_export() is deprecated. use objc_method().
  • OSX::NSObject#ocm_responds?() will be deprecated. use ocm_respond_to?().
  • OSX::NSData#dataWithRubyString(), OSX::NSMutableData#dataWithRubyString()
    will be deprecated. use [NSString dataUsingEncoding:]


  • Fixed build errors on Yosemite DP.

Note for RubyCocoa with Ruby-2.0