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New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity Sign-In

Stories in Ready Code Climate

As software developers we have it pretty good and housing isn't a concern for us. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky, especially the people of New Orleans. Despite hurricane Katrina happening about a decade ago, there are still a lot of displaced people in temporary residences who need somewhere to call home. The amazing people at Habitat for Humanity are trying to fix this with their work in New Orleans 9th ward (one of the hardest hit areas by Katrina) and with a recent grant they received their work is only going to move quicker. The problem is, one of the requirements of the grant is a stricter recording and reporting process of their 300 or so daily volunteers which is where we come in! Let's help them with the great work they are doing by making this process faster so they have more time for rebuilding people's lives.

Volunteers will use this app to sign in and out of work sites by entering a touch-based signature on their smartphone. The technical details will be decided by the team as a group, but this JS widget for taking signatures is promising (try it on your phone):

Quick Start

By the end of this section, you should have the project and dependencies installed on your local system. For information on how to contribute, see Contributing.

You need:

  • Ruby 2.3
  • Rails 4.2.x
  • Postgres 9.5 (May be changed by team later)
  • A javascript runtime, we recommend node.js
  • PhantomJS (brew install phantomjs on macOS or read instructions)

You will need Node.js (which comes bundled with NPM) and it is simple to install on Mac, Windows, or Linux by downloading and installing from node.js.

You will also need Git, Ruby, Rails, and PostgreSQL. If you have Git, Ruby and Postgres in some version or another you're probably set. But:

  • If you're working on a virgin Windows machine, you're best off installing Ruby and Rails with the RailsInstaller. For PostgreSQL, you'll want to install EnterpriseDB
  • If you have a virgin Mac OSX machine, just follow these directions. This includes PostgreSQL
  • If you are using Ubuntu Linux, use this RailsApps Guide to get set up with Ruby, Rails, and node.js and this guide to install PostgreSQL in Ubuntu

Then from a command prompt:

$ git clone
$ cd habitat_humanity
$ bin/setup
$ puma

Then navigate to http://localhost:3000 in your browser to view the app.

To view the admin tools, navigate to http://localhost:3000/sign_in. Use the credentials below:

  • Admin
    • Email:
    • Password: password

Note: If you didn't run bin/setup, run rake db:initialize_admin to initialize the admin account.


We contributors! Learn more about our tools, technologies, and workflow in the Wiki. Be sure to follow our Contribution Guidelines before submitting a PR.

To join the conversation, join the #habitat_humanity channel on Slack (get an invite).

About Habitat for Humanity NOLA

Habitat for Humanity NOLA is the New Orleans branch of the international organization Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to building decent, affordable housing. From their statement of purpose:

We believe in the power of building homes for and with those who need them. We believe that by teaming up with families, volunteers, and donors, we can create thriving communities for generations to come. We are New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. And we believe in the power of home.

More information on the organization is available on their website:

About Ruby for Good

This project was born at Ruby for Good 2016.

Ruby for Good is an annual event based out of the DC-metro area where Ruby programmers from all over the globe get together for a long weekend to build projects that help our communities. For more information about Ruby for Good, visit the website or check out the other projects.


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