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Save the Scimitar Oryx

scimitar oryx

#oryxteam on Slack (Request an invite here)

Trello Board

Let's be honest, we all want to do great things. What is better than being part of a group that is helping to bring a species that is extinct in the wild back? There are captive populations of the oryx on ranches in Texas that researchers need some help with. They need a centralized database to keep track of the oryx, things like numbers, breeding history (can't let them get inbred), and so on. Once a stable gene pool and other information can be established, researchers are hoping to re-introduce them into the wild!


Preliminary Draft Requirements


  • Expansion of the Source Population Alliance (scimitar-horned oryx population et al) landowner network-
  • Integrate with the data collection portal developed for Loggerhead Shrike
    • Standardized data format between projects
  • Ideally this registry data/animal profiles would be able to interact with each other similar to a dating site using genomics data if available (i.e. this animal or herd and this animal or herd are a - % match) and can send an automatic email when a participant is interested in a trade
    • Use provided genetics data to determine match %
  • Search functionality
    • Simple search based on attribute filters (see below)
  • Ability to download data into excel spreadsheet

Create a page with privacy settings

  • Hide sensitive info from public access
  • Looking to be contacted vs. not looking (opt-in)

Institutional/ ranch or individual profile

  • Species types
  • Number of animals in herds
  • Broken down by demographics
  • Member status
  • Location and contact information

Animal registration

  • Photos
  • Description
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Reproductive Status
  • Interests
    • Sell
    • Trade
    • Sell or Trade in X years
    • Looking for mate
    • Keep
  • Breeding reports and certificate release?
  • Genetics/genomics testing
  • Photographs of space/ facilities

Space/ facilities registration

  • Description
    • Size
    • Characteristics
  • Interests
    • Seeking retirement animals (in search of)

Stretch Goals


  • Some branding guidelines around logo, etc.

Populate Sample Data (number can be changed)

$ rake create_sample_data:sample_facilities[10] $ rake create_sample_data:sample_animals[100]