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Have you made something cool with Rubygame? Add it here! Please include a link, your name, and a brief description of your creation.

Games and Apps

  • Block Bounce by Tyler Church (tylerc): A simple breakout clone written in Ruby.
  • RubyFrutz by Allan Giovanni Salcedo Blanco (agsalcedo): Catch falling frutz (fruits) with your cloud, but avoid the falling bombs.
  • RubyPong by Christoph Traut (ctraut): A simple Pong clone written in Ruby.
  • Snelps by Shawn Anderson (shawn42): A comical real-time strategy (RTS) game.
  • Virii by Garepjotr: A hack-n-slash/RPG in the style of Secret of Mana/Zelda.

Utilities and Libraries

  • RubyGoo by Shawn Anderson (shawn42): GUI library for working with Gosu and Rubygame.
  • Ruby Track Selector by Raphael Robatsch (raphaelr): A tool for organizing background music for your game.
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