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Fix GEM_PATH regression in 1.13.

_nth time is a charm ... here's the latest latest latest commit message_:

Fix disable_shared_gems bug & keep nested exec
tl;dr `--deployment` will copy _all_ gems to the `--path` now and a
proper fix is in place for nested bundle execs when `--path` is set and
RubyGems >=2.6.2 is being used.

Fixes #4974.

There's two problems blended in here. Let's trace the events here from
the beginning, shall we?

First off, from probably the first versions of Bundler, when
`disable_shared_gems` is true, the `GEM_PATH` gets internally overridden
and initialized to an empty string. This is done to make sure that later
in the `Bundler.setup` process it's expanded to ONLY the Bundler `--path`
setting, otherwise it expands to include the system path.

In 1.12, `bundle exec` was changed to use `Kernel.load` in some cases,
and that new code path calls `require "bundler/setup"`.

Later, issue #4592 was filed, showing that in cases like `--deployment`
where `disable_shared_gems` is true, Bundler couldn't find itself,
because Bundler never lives in the `--path` but only in system gems. And
as it would later be discovered, was not a problem with RubyGems 2.6.1,
but was a problem with >=2.6.2 (and older RubyGems it would seem, though
those weren't as thoroughly investigated).

We fixed #4592 (see PR #4701) in 1.13.0 by changing the oooold code
initializing `GEM_PATH` to be initialized to `nil` instead of empty
string in all `disable_shared_gems` cases. But it created another bug,
filed as #4974, wherein system gems were no longer copied to the
`--path` when `disable_shared_gems` is true. In this commit here (#4992)
we've reverted the change so that `GEM_PATH` is now back to being
initialized to an empty string instead of `nil`.

That fixes #4974, but regresses #4592, and we needed a new way to fix

After a few tortured attempts at this, I ran across issue #4602, a
similar report of nested bundle execs being broken, #4602 itself an
extension of #4381 reporting the same problem. It brought to light the
role the Rubygems version played in the problem.

When the `bundler` gem is installed and the wrapper is generated for any
gem executables, the contents of this wrapper are determined by the
Rubygems version. Up until RubyGems 2.6.1 the last line of this wrapper
calls `Gem.bin_path`. Bundler replaces the Rubygems implementation of
`Gem.bin_path` with its own, and has for a long time made a special
exception for the Bundler gem itself, short-circuiting with the contents
of a special ENV variable called `BUNDLE_BIN_PATH`.

In Rubygems 2.6.2, `bin_path` was superseded by a new
`Gem.activate_bin_path` method which did what `bin_path` did but also
activated the gem. Bundler 1.13 added support for this, but it didn't
include the same short-circuit for bundler itself. (Alert user @taoza
even noticed this here

This commit also includes that short circuit for Rubygems >=2.6.2 now
and nested bundle exec should continue to work.
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homu authored and segiddins committed Sep 30, 2016
1 parent 2f22a84 commit 713e771
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Showing 5 changed files with 60 additions and 7 deletions.
5 changes: 4 additions & 1 deletion lib/bundler.rb
Expand Up @@ -438,7 +438,10 @@ def configure_gem_home_and_path
def configure_gem_path(env = ENV, settings = self.settings)
blank_home = env["GEM_HOME"].nil? || env["GEM_HOME"].empty?
if settings[:disable_shared_gems]
env["GEM_PATH"] = nil
# this needs to be empty string to cause
# PathSupport.split_gem_path to only load up the
# Bundler --path setting as the GEM_PATH.
env["GEM_PATH"] = ""
elsif blank_home || Bundler.rubygems.gem_dir != bundle_path.to_s
possibles = [Bundler.rubygems.gem_dir, Bundler.rubygems.gem_path]
paths = possibles.flatten.compact.uniq.reject(&:empty?)
Expand Down
11 changes: 11 additions & 0 deletions lib/bundler/rubygems_integration.rb
Expand Up @@ -397,6 +397,17 @@ def replace_bin_path(specs)

redefine_method(gem_class, :activate_bin_path) do |name, *args|
exec_name = args.first
return ENV["BUNDLE_BIN_PATH"] if exec_name == "bundle"

# Copy of Rubygems activate_bin_path impl
requirement = args.last
spec = find_spec_for_exe name, exec_name, [requirement]
Gem::LOADED_SPECS_MUTEX.synchronize { spec.activate }
spec.bin_file exec_name

redefine_method(gem_class, :bin_path) do |name, *args|
exec_name = args.first
return ENV["BUNDLE_BIN_PATH"] if exec_name == "bundle"
Expand Down
4 changes: 2 additions & 2 deletions spec/bundler/bundler_spec.rb
Expand Up @@ -143,12 +143,12 @@

describe "configuration" do
context "disable_shared_gems" do
it "should unset GEM_PATH with nil" do
it "should unset GEM_PATH with empty string" do
env = {}
settings = { :disable_shared_gems => true }
Bundler.send(:configure_gem_path, env, settings)
expect(env.keys).to include("GEM_PATH")
expect(env["GEM_PATH"]).to be_nil
expect(env["GEM_PATH"]).to eq ""
Expand Down
25 changes: 24 additions & 1 deletion spec/commands/exec_spec.rb
Expand Up @@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
require "spec_helper"

describe "bundle exec" do
let(:system_gems_to_install) { %w(rack-1.0.0 rack-0.9.1) }
before :each do
system_gems "rack-1.0.0", "rack-0.9.1"

it "activates the correct gem" do
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -591,4 +592,26 @@ def bin_path(a,b,c)

context "nested bundle exec" do
let(:system_gems_to_install) { super() << :bundler }
before do
gemfile <<-G
source "file://#{gem_repo1}"
gem "rack"
bundle :install, :system_bundler => true, :path => "vendor/bundler"

it "overrides disable_shared_gems so bundler can be found" do
file = bundled_app("file_that_bundle_execs.rb")
create_file(file, <<-RB)
puts `bundle exec echo foo`
bundle! "exec #{file}", :system_bundler => true
expect(out).to eq("foo")
22 changes: 19 additions & 3 deletions spec/support/helpers.rb
Expand Up @@ -88,18 +88,28 @@ def bundle(cmd, options = {})

bundle_bin = options.delete("bundle_bin") || File.expand_path("../../../exe/bundle", __FILE__)

if system_bundler = options.delete(:system_bundler)
bundle_bin = "-S bundle"

requires = options.delete(:requires) || []
requires << File.expand_path("../fakeweb/" + options.delete(:fakeweb) + ".rb", __FILE__) if options.key?(:fakeweb)
requires << File.expand_path("../artifice/" + options.delete(:artifice) + ".rb", __FILE__) if options.key?(:artifice)
requires << "support/hax"
requires_str = {|r| "-r#{r}" }.join(" ")

load_path = []
load_path << lib unless system_bundler
load_path << spec
load_path_str = "-I#{load_path.join(File::PATH_SEPARATOR)}"

env = (options.delete(:env) || {}).map {|k, v| "#{k}='#{v}'" }.join(" ")
env["PATH"].gsub!("#{Path.root}/exe", "") if env["PATH"] && system_bundler
args = do |k, v|
v == true ? " --#{k}" : " --#{k} #{v}" if v

cmd = "#{env} #{sudo} #{Gem.ruby} -I#{lib}:#{spec} #{requires_str} #{bundle_bin} #{cmd}#{args}"
cmd = "#{env} #{sudo} #{Gem.ruby} #{load_path_str} #{requires_str} #{bundle_bin} #{cmd}#{args}"
sys_exec(cmd) {|i, o, thr| yield i, o, thr if block_given? }
bang :bundle
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -242,11 +252,17 @@ def lock_gemfile(*args)

def install_gems(*gems)
gems.each do |g|
path = "#{gem_repo1}/gems/#{g}.gem"
path = if g == :bundler
Dir.chdir(root) { gem_command! :build, "#{root}/bundler.gemspec" }
bundler_path = root + "bundler-#{Bundler::VERSION}.gem"

raise "OMG `#{path}` does not exist!" unless File.exist?(path)

gem_command! :install, "--no-rdoc --no-ri --ignore-dependencies #{path}"
gem_command! :install, "--no-rdoc --no-ri --ignore-dependencies '#{path}'"
bundler_path && bundler_path.rmtree

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