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Deprecation Notice

This site was previously linked from the home page. That link has been redirected to the RubyGems Guides Contributing page. Future updates should be made in the RubyGems Guides GitHub Project.

RubyGems Developers

Showing off the latest and greatest projects in the RubyGems ecosystem!


  • Help developers get involved in RubyGems and its associated projects
  • Have one place to find out where these projects are!


This is a Rails 3.1 app that is deployed to Heroku. Get the app running on your box with:

rails server

Done! There's no database requirement (in fact, ActiveRecord is not loaded at all!) so setup should go smoothly.

JavaScript Runtime Required

Rails 3.1 needs a Javascript runtime and on Linux this requires special handling. Without a runtime, rails commands like rails server throw an exception saying:

Linux Could not find a JavaScript runtime.
for a list of available runtimes.

To fix this error either install node.js (with: sudo apt-get nodejs)


Include 'therubyracer' in your Gemfile.

gem "therubyracer", :require => 'v8'

See for more.

Adding links

This site's content lives mostly in app/views/pages/ Jump in and edit it, send a pull request, and we'll merge it in!


Huge thanks to thoughtbot whose playbook these styles are based off of.


The actual content of the articles is licensed under Creative Commons. The code that this project consists of is licensed under MIT.

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