The gemcutter gem, the rails app has been moved to
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Add support for Ruby 2.1


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This repository now contains only the gemcutter gem, which provides gem yank and gem webhook. The Rails app has moved to rubygems/ Please update your links and remotes!


gem install gemcutter

Supported Ruby Versions

This library aims to support and is tested against the following Ruby implementations:

If something doesn't work on one of these interpreters, it should be considered a bug.

This library may inadvertently work (or seem to work) on other Ruby implementations, however support will only be provided for the versions listed above.

If you would like this library to support another Ruby version, you may volunteer to be a maintainer. Being a maintainer entails making sure all tests run and pass on that implementation. When something breaks on your implementation, you will be personally responsible for providing patches in a timely fashion. If critical issues for a particular implementation exist at the time of a major release, support for that Ruby version may be dropped.


Gemcutter is released under the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.