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@@ -10,8 +10,11 @@ Goals
* Help out those new to RubyGems get started and get things done
* Make it easy to contribute more guides
+Want to help?
+If a guide is empty, start filling it out! Or, make a new one! Pull requests
+are gladly accepted!
* Port content from
* Port content from
@@ -24,10 +27,24 @@ Setup
Make sure you have jekyll installed (`gem install jekyll`), and run:
- $ jekyll --server
+ $ jekyll --server
The pages will be available at http://localhost:4000/
+Every guide except for the Command and Specification Reference is just a
+straight up markdown page, so just go edit it!
+For the Command Guide (``), edit `command-reference.erb`
+and run:
+ $ rake command_guide
+For the Specification Guide, the documentation comes directly from the
+`Gem::Specification` class in RubyGems. Edit it, set your `RUBYGEMS_DIR` to
+where your code directory is, and run:
+ $ RUBYGEMS_DIR=~/Dev/ruby/rubygems rake spec_guide --trace

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