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Guide does not explain how `description` should be formatted. #40

docwhat opened this Issue Mar 4, 2013 · 2 comments

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docwhat commented Mar 4, 2013

The Guide does not explain how the description should be formatted.

The rubygems specification says you could/should include your whole README in the description field:


As of Rubygems 1.3.2 there is no longer any automatic formatting of the description. Versions prior to this reformatted the description into a single line.

The description should be more detailed than the summary. You might consider copying all or part of your project’s README into this field.

But the specification doesn't say anything about how the description is formatted.

There are some examples out there, such as the net-ldap gem which imply that no formatting happens and the description field is just mashed into a single line.

What's the correct way to format a description and what should go into it?

docwhat commented Mar 4, 2013

Note for self: Update StackOverflow answer when I get more information on this bug.

ffmike commented Jun 27, 2013

Added a note about the acceptable formatting to the Make Your Own Gem guide at e72c1df . It'd be nice to show this in the Specification Reference as well, but we pick up that text from the RubyGems RDoc so that'd be an upstream bug for them.

@ffmike ffmike closed this Jun 27, 2013
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