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Shipit deploys

Our primary method of deploying the application is via shipit, our deploy service. This is preferred because it requires no ssh access, no kubectl access, no manual commands, and is visible to everyone on the team.

Staging deploys

Shipit automatically deploys the master branch to staging as soon as CI passes. To manually deploy a specific branch or commit to staging, see the manual installation instructions below.

Production deploys

Before deploying to production, make sure that the commit has been deployed to staging and everything is working there.

Once you are ready to deploy, go to You'll be shown a list of commits that are not yet deployed, and you can choose to deploy any commit. After pushing the deploy button, Shipit will show a live deploy log, and announce the deploy in Slack as well.

Manual deploys

TODO: write instructions for manual kubernetes deploy

Pushing a gem to staging

gem build some.gemspec
gem push some-1.0.0.gem --host
gem list some --clear-sources -raVs
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