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Suggestion #13

rahul286 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Please add in README that 'gem mirror' will need more than 50GB on harddrive!

I ran it on my production server.
It used my all disk space, which crashed my database server!

Anyway, thanks for this "gem" :-)


@rahul286 LOL

It will mirror the entire collection of gems, latest and previous versions, so is understandable it will use a lot. Running is not cheap :wink:

Perhaps you want to mirror only the gems you use instead. Probably take a look to stickler:


I am a new rubyist so exploring/playing a lot.
Its hard to be sure which gems I will need at this stage!

I decided to mirror because I was not getting gems installed from (it seems there server was overloaded from last 2 days!)

Instead, can we do... gem mirror latest so that old gems version will NOT be mirrored!

Off-topic - why not community has mirror ? Hosting companies can provide sponsorship I guess....

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