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download gemspec.rz file on fetch, because so many gem files can generate gemspec.rz by gem generate_index command, this will be error and break.

@huacnlee huacnlee download gemspec.rz file on fetch, because so many gem files can gene…
…rate gemspec.rz by "gem generate_index" command, this will be error and break.

So, I suggest download gemspec.rz file on mirror, it will not need run gem generate_index command again.


I was use this fork version to success clone full version or rubygems.org. not need gem generate_index.

jaymzh commented Apr 6, 2012

I tried to use your git tree, but it doesn't seem to work:

$ rake mirror:update
** README.rdoc is missing or in the wrong format for auto-intuiting.
run sow blah and look at its text files
rake aborted!
unknown urls format: nil

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

jaymzh commented Apr 6, 2012

Commenting out the who s.homepage assignment i hoe.rb got me moving again... other than that your patches seem to work really well, thanks!


Problem is still there with hoe 3.1.0.

Jaymzh's suggestion is working, thanks!

Lamont Lucas and others added some commits Jan 4, 2013
Lamont Lucas Rakefile didn't work, don't recall the error now. mirror.rb changes a…
…re from a github pull request to fix binary packing/unpacking on windows.
Lamont Lucas look for missing *spec.rz files in the same fashion we look for missi…
…ng .gem files
Lamont Lucas Merge branch 'master' of github.com:lamont/rubygems-mirror
@huacnlee huacnlee Merge pull request #1 from lamont/master
fetch missing *gemspec.rz files
lamont commented Jan 7, 2013

Merging all of these changes into the main branch would be super helpful to people attempting to build local (read-only) mirrors of rubygems. Please consider this pull request.

raggi commented Jan 7, 2013

Why are all the deletion operations commented out?

lamont commented Jan 7, 2013

I believe huacnlee commented those out earlier, I didn't modify them further for my purposes. Mirroring was more important than deletion for me at the time.

raggi commented Jan 7, 2013

If we can get a clean patch set that doesn't have unrelated changes, I'll be more than happy to get it merged and released.

raggi commented Jan 7, 2013

Otherwise, it'll be a while before I have time to work on it.

carlivar commented Dec 9, 2013

At this point huacnlee's fork is the working rubygems-mirror.

This rubygems-mirror doesn't have the index data mentioned in this issue, and it can't be generated because generate_index fails on large sets of gems:


If anyone gets stumped trying to run their own full rubygems mirror, the solution is to simply use:


...and you'll be all set.

raggi commented Nov 17, 2014

This patchset is too big right now, and has unrelated changes. Can you split out semantic changes from preferential ones? There's no need for the .md or the bundler stuff.

@raggi raggi closed this Nov 17, 2014
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