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# This script requires redis running locally. All items in redis will be
# flushed when running this script.
# This script takes the SHA512 checksums collected from S3, various mirrors
# and user submissions with large caches of gems, the list of gems yanked from
# the index (which still exist on S3, but are not accessible by `gem install`)
# and computes a list of gems that do not have matching SHA512 checksums on
# two or more mirrors.
# First it computes the list of yanked gem names from the yanked_gems.txt
# Then it flushes redis of all items.
# Then it imports SHA entries in from the mirrors and S3 into redis
# Then it extracts the items from redis that have two or fewer matching
# checksums and writes it to standard output including the number of hashes in
# redis and, if more than 3, the number of different hashes for that gem.
require 'rbconfig'
require 'hiredis'
require 'redis'
ruby = RbConfig.ruby
yanked = {}
IO.foreach 'yanked_gems.txt' do |line|
/\['(?<name>.*?)', '(?<version>.*?)', '(?<platform>.*?)'\]/ =~ line
next unless name
gem = if platform == "ruby" then
"#{[name, version].join "-"}.gem"
"#{[name, version, platform].join "-"}.gem"
yanked[gem] = true
redis =
imports = Dir['rubygems-sha512.*'].map do |file|
Thread.start do
inn, out = IO.pipe
convert_pid = Process.spawn ruby, 'redis_sha_import.rb', file, out: out
import_pid = Process.spawn('redis-cli', '--pipe',
in: inn, out: IO::NULL, err: IO::NULL)
Process.waitpid convert_pid
raise 'shas_to_redis_sadd.rb failed' unless $?.success?
Process.waitpid import_pid
raise 'redis-cli insert failed' unless $?.success?
$stderr.puts "wrote #{file}"
imports.each do |thread|
unverified = []
IO.foreach 'rubygems-sha512.S3.txt' do |line|
sha, path = line.chomp.split /\s+/
name = File.basename path
next if yanked.include? name
hash_count = redis.hget(name, sha).to_i
unverified << "#{name} #{hash_count}" if hash_count < 3
puts unverified.sort