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# To check if you have checksums for unverified gems:
# ruby sha_compare.rb unverified.txt new_checksums.txt | wc -l
# This will count how many unverified checksums remain and show any mismatches
# To generate a new unverified list:
# ruby sha_compare.rb unverified.txt new_checksums.txt > new_unverified.txt
cf = open ARGV.shift
cf_list = { |l| l.split(/\s+/) }
cf_sums = Hash[! { |sum, n| [File.basename(n), sum] }]
db = open ARGV.shift
db_list = { |l| l.split(/\s+/) }
db_sums = Hash[! { |sum, n| [File.basename(n), sum] }]
cf_sums.each do |name, sum|
db_sum = db_sums[name]
next if db_sum == sum
$stderr.puts "Mismatch: #{name}" unless db_sum.nil?
puts "#{sum} ./#{name}"
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