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class CreateDelayedJobs < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
create_table :delayed_jobs, :force => true do |table|
table.integer :priority, :default => 0 # Allows some jobs to jump to the front of the queue
table.integer :attempts, :default => 0 # Provides for retries, but still fail eventually.
table.text :handler # YAML-encoded string of the object that will do work
table.text :last_error # reason for last failure (See Note below)
table.datetime :run_at # When to run. Could be for immediately, or sometime in the future.
table.datetime :locked_at # Set when a client is working on this object
table.datetime :failed_at # Set when all retries have failed (actually, by default, the record is deleted instead)
table.string :locked_by # Who is working on this object (if locked)
def self.down
drop_table :delayed_jobs
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