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Feature: RubyForge legacy sign in
In order to make the transition from RubyForge to GemCutter
A user
Should be able to sign in with their RubyForge credentials
And automatically be given an account
Scenario: RubyForge user has never logged on to GemCutter
Given I signed up with ""
And I have a RubyForge account with ""
And I sign in as ""
Then I should be signed in
And my GemCutter password should be "rfpassword"
And no RubyForge user exists with an email of ""
Scenario: RubyForge user logs on with wrong password
Given I have a RubyForge account with ""
When I go to the sign in page
And I sign in as ""
Then I should see "Bad email or password"
And I should be signed out
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