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Fixes tests: resets current directory in gemcutter After block.

The Before was making a temp directory and chdir'ing into it and the
After was removing the temp directory, but it never changed back
out of the (now missing) temp directory. Subsequent tests failed
in the C `getcwd` function because CWD no longer existed.

Fixed with @jaredonline. Issue on branch #463.
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1 parent 4fd6b8b commit d1ec01611a5bc4caf6ea3a0a42700d96afb06afc @mildmojo mildmojo committed Nov 3, 2012
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  1. +1 −0 features/support/gemcutter.rb
1 features/support/gemcutter.rb
@@ -16,5 +16,6 @@
After do
+ Dir.chdir(Rails.root)

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