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@@ -12,25 +12,22 @@ The Ruby community's gem host.
* [Mailing List][]
* [FAQ][]
* [IRC][]: #gemcutter on Freenode
-* [CI][]: ![Build Status](
-* [Gemnasium][]: ![Dependency Status](
+* [CI][]: ![Build Status](
+* [Gemnasium][]: ![Dependency Status](
[mailing list]:
## Contributions
-Please read up on the [GitHub Wiki][wiki] for the latest contribution
+Please see the wiki for the latest [contribution guidelines][].
+[contribution guidelines]:
-To get setup, please check out the [Development Setup][] page on the wiki. It's
-on the wiki so anyone can edit it, so please fix it if you have trouble getting
-set up!
+To get setup, please check out the [Development Setup][].
[development setup]:

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