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sferik's "gems" gem allows an external site to request certain statistics (eg, total_downloads). This is very cool, but I'd like to track this sort of thing for all 170K gems. Making that many requests (eg, on a daily basis) seems Wrong, so I'm looking for a better option.

One possibility would be to create text files, updated nightly, that contain the statistics. Ideally, these would be both human- and machine-readable. I'd prefer a simple YAML format, to allow extensibility and provide self-documentation. If the files were stored on GitHub, folks could examine the files online, go back and pick up any that they might have missed, etc.

These files could get rather large, so it might be useful to break them up in some manner. For example, I've been putting mirrored gems into buckets by the first two (downcased) characters of the name (eg, "12/12_hour_time"). For details, see

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qrush commented Jul 7, 2015

We have now. I'll let @dwradcliffe close this once we have Redis on there for download stats!


knappe commented Oct 9, 2015

@dwradcliffe Looks like Redis data is now being shown on Is this good to close?

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