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qrush commented Apr 14, 2012

I'd rather see this the other way...I hate the dash style but it's there out of laziness right now. To clarify, I'd rather see:

rails (3.0.0)

Instead of:


Does that make sense? Sorry for being a pain here.


While I personally prefer the dash representation, I am fine with either representation. Both gem list and bundle list use parenthesis, so let's do that. My main point was consistency. :)

What to do about the download count? rails (3.2.3) (123456789)? Two sets of parenthesis is a bit awkward. Should we wrap the download count with [] to differentiate?


[] works for me. Get it patched and I'll merge it! Thank you!


It looks like this has been stripped from the homepage. Should we still address this or close?


Did we kill the code or just comment it out? I'd be up for just patching it (since it's really small) if the code is still there and we might reactivate it.

qrush commented Nov 28, 2014

This is no longer relevant with the redesign.

@qrush qrush closed this Nov 28, 2014
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