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Extension of #451 for issue #421 - adds a test to ensure a gem can be saved with CAPS in the name when it already exists.


Merging this in allows us to close this #421, #481, and pull request #451. Looks good to go to me.

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Holy moley! This is a BIGGIE!

Hey @evanphx @drbrain are we good to merge/deploy this? We've been talking about it forever.

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I'd prefer to be use case insensitive to detect gems but use case preserve for any new gems. This change appears to prevent all future gems from having capital letters, which I think is the wrong way to go.


👍 to @evanphx's idea. It seems like it would be a much smaller change too.


@coffeencoke Do you want to make the changes to this to implement case preserving names, and case insensitive gem detection?

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No movement, closing.

@evanphx evanphx closed this Jul 12, 2013
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