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The Ruby community's gem hosting service.
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app Only include the legacy webhook payload keys for the original "push" …
lib move indexer to its own class, kill vault
log Prepare files in advance of Rails 3.1 update
public absolute positioning sucks
script use rake jobs:work instead of script/delayed_job
server Cleanup for vault and gemcutter
tmp Making sure the log and tmp directories stick around
.rbenv-version default to 1.9.3-p0 for rvm/rbenv
.rvmrc default to 1.9.3-p0 for rvm/rbenv
.travis.yml More Ruby version pruning
Gemfile Replace validates_url_format_of with validates_formatting_of
Gemfile.lock Update excon dependency to version 0.7.12
Guardfile Remove trailing whitespace
MIT-LICENSE Remove trailing whitespace
Rakefile Application booting, seems to work for the most part
erd.png Add entity-relationship diagram (née Gemcutter)

The Ruby community's gem host.


  • Provide a better API for dealing with gems
  • Create more transparent and accessible project pages
  • Enable the community to improve and enhance the site



Please see the wiki for the latest contribution guidelines.

To get setup, please check out the Development Setup.

Our deployment process is documented on the wiki as well, there's a multi-step Checklist to run through.

Organization consists of a few major parts:

  • Rails app: To manage users and allow others to view gems, etc.
  • Sinatra app (Hostess): the gem server
  • Gem processor: Handles incoming gems and storing them in S3 (production) or on the filesystem in server/ (development).

License uses the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.

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