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Redirectories look to solve the "redirection latency" issue. This issue stems from the way that the rubygems software requests data from serves out redirects to s3 and cloudfront resources after tracking some metrics. This means that for, say europe, there is potentially a high latency HTTP request to just to get a redirect to a low latency cloudfront server.

To solve this issue, we can introduce a simple redirectory process that can run in other network domains. This process could act as a simple lazily filled caching redirector. This is would solve the high latency hit to and reduce the load on itself.

A redirectory would keep metrics about download counts it has served out which would query once in a while to update the primary database.

A simple redirectory is:

Redirectories do not solve the .gem mirroring problem as the simple redirect clients to whatever url would have. A .gem mirroring solution might have to be redirectory aware (to clear caches for mirrors that go missing) but that would be added in the future.

An EU or Asia redirectory could be enabled through geo-specific DNS.

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