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Webhooks Ideas

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The gem webhook system allows you to receive information in real time when new gems are pushed on Read up more about webhooks and the ‘programmable web’ here.

To get started on one of these, check out the gem webhook docs or the API docs.

If you’ve got an idea you want to discuss feel free to post on the Gemcutter mailing list or jump into #gemcutter on

Existing Services

(Have one? Add your own!)

Potential Ideas

Got an idea to use with the gem webhook system? List it here!


Would pull out all READMEs from existing gems, search them, etc. Not sure if this would be best as a webhook service or as part of the core site, prove me wrong. :)


Definitely should be a webhook service, could format changelogs and show changes between versions of gems.


Gemcutter is about gems, but sometimes we need to download code as these two formats instead. This service could on the fly create tgz/zip’s and provide/cache them for a limited time.

Distributed Tester

Something like Test Swarm or CPAN Testers for RubyGems. Sign up for your platform/ruby version, make a gem to report back test results to the service, and we could link to it.

Watchlist Extensions

Organize watchlists on different categories or tags, get notified on updates! Based on this issue.

Taken Ideas

  • Gemfiler: Give the service your Gemfile, it will keep it up to date for you and notify you when you should grab new gems. Hopefully will be implemented by EnvyLabs.
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