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# :stopdoc:
# Hack to handle syck's DefaultKey bug
# This file is always loaded AFTER either syck or psych are already
# loaded. It then looks at what constants are available and creates
# a consistent view on all rubys.
# All this is so that there is always a YAML::Syck::DefaultKey
# class no matter if the full yaml library has loaded or not.
module YAML
# In newer 1.9.2, there is a Syck toplevel constant instead of it
# being underneith YAML. If so, reference it back under YAML as
# well.
if defined? ::Syck
# for tests that change YAML::ENGINE
# 1.8 does not support the second argument to const_defined?
remove_const :Syck rescue nil
Syck = ::Syck
# JRuby's "Syck" is called "Yecht"
elsif defined? YAML::Yecht
Syck = YAML::Yecht
# Otherwise, if there is no YAML::Syck, then we've got just psych
# loaded, so lets define a stub for DefaultKey.
elsif !defined? YAML::Syck
module Syck
class DefaultKey
# Now that we've got something that is always here, define #to_s
# so when code tries to use this, it at least just shows up like it
# should.
module Syck
class DefaultKey
remove_method :to_s rescue nil
def to_s
SyntaxError = Error unless defined? SyntaxError
# Sometime in the 1.9 dev cycle, the Syck constant was moved from under YAML
# to be a toplevel constant. So gemspecs created under these versions of Syck
# will have references to Syck::DefaultKey.
# So we need to be sure that we reference Syck at the toplevel too so that
# we can always load these kind of gemspecs.
if !defined?(Syck)
Syck = YAML::Syck
# Now that we've got Syck setup in all the right places, store
# a reference to the DefaultKey class inside Gem. We do this so that
# if later on YAML, etc are redefined, we've still got a consistent
# place to find the DefaultKey class for comparison.
module Gem
# for tests that change YAML::ENGINE
remove_const :SyckDefaultKey if const_defined? :SyckDefaultKey
SyckDefaultKey = YAML::Syck::DefaultKey
# :startdoc:
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