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When private gem server not available, rubygems hangs #324

davetron5000 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Have multiple sources configured, and one is a private server on my VPN. When not connected to the VPN, a gem install hangs. In this case, the my computer knows the server's IP address, even though it cannot reach it.

Confirmed that this is an issue with 1.8.24.

gem sources
*** CURRENT SOURCES *** is only available when I'm on my company's VPN, so a ping will know the IP address, presumably from having cached it before, but the host is unreachable until I connect to the VPN

Possible related to #101


How long did you wait?

RubyGems expects all sources to be available and will raise an exception when EHOSTDOWN is returned, for example. Perhaps the timeout is too long. RubyGems uses the default timeout from Net::HTTP which is 30 seconds, IIRC.

I am going to close this ticket. Please reopen if you can show it hangs infinitely.

@drbrain drbrain closed this
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