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"gem yank" suggested to me by gems, but not available. Error output should be more specific. #343

shevegen opened this Issue Jun 17, 2012 · 5 comments

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I did this command:

gem push *.gem

For my project TalkInIrcChannel.

The output from gem then was this:

Pushing gem to
Repushing of gem versions is not allowed.
Please use gem yank to remove bad gem releases.

Then when doing this command next:

gem yank

ERROR: While executing gem ... (RuntimeError)
Unknown command yank

On IRC I was told that this is part of gemcutter.

The error message should include this - suggest to install gemcutter.

Because the current way, to just "gem yank" does not work anyway.
(And, by the way, "gem yank" is not enough either. When i try this
after installing gemcutter, I get:

A version argument is required: gem yank GEM -v VERSION [-p PLATFORM] [--undo] [--key KEY_NAME]


Thank you for reading.

@evanphx evanphx was assigned Jun 19, 2012

I recently ran into this problem, too.

It's definitely misleading for gem push to say simply, "Repushing of gem versions is not allowed. Please use gem yank to remove bad gem releases," because it's reasonable for a user to infer from this that the yank option to the gem command is available for use on his/her computer, when in fact it might not be (i.e. because (s)he might not have installed GemCutter).

That is the first problem. The best solution to this problem, in my view, would be to fix #177.

The second problem is that the error message should be a bit smarter and should, if possible, suggest the appropriate gem yank ... command in full, based upon the gem push command that was issued. I.e. if the user tried to push foobar-0.0.1.gem, then the error message should suggest the full command to yank foobar-0.0.1.gem.

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@sampablokuper I just commented on #117, a patch by someone (with tests, please) will be accepted to solve this issue.

Thank you.

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drbrain commented Nov 27, 2012

We need to import gem yank.

@qrush can you help?

RubyGems member
qrush commented Nov 27, 2012
RubyGems member
drbrain commented Nov 28, 2012

I've imported gem yank and ported its tests. Unfortunately I don't have any gems to yank for a live test ☹

I will close this now, @qrush if you could check out @6f99254 when you get back that would be great!

@drbrain drbrain closed this Nov 28, 2012
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