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Removing account from rubygems - #347

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Hi there.

I somehow registered twice on rubygems, probably once some months before the other time.

Now I have two different nicks at rubygems:

I only use the "shevy" profile on rubygems though (yes, I managed to confuse myself... on github it is vice-versa, shevegen is my main account on github... oh well ...). And the "shevegen" profile on rubygems has a gem which I would like to "take over" with account "shevy".

I have the passwords to my own profiles of course but it is tiring to login to the second account. I'd like to remove the second account instead from

Is this possible? I don't see a way to do so, and my old, inactive account is blocking some gem-names which I'd like to use for my first account, given that I still wish to maintain my own code there. :(


This github project is for rubygems, the software, not

In this case, the best place to file this is on

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