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Change rubygems gemspec cache directory (~/.gem/specs) #430

dmmalam opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Is it possible to configure where rubygems stores the gemspec cache (ie ~/.gem/specs/

I have ruby installed via rbenv, and gems all live under ~/.rbenv, except the gemspec cache which pops up under .gem/specs whenever I do a gem update.

Is this a case of a hardcoded directory, as gem env correctly list the gem path as under ~/.rbenv.


this also just happened in RVM with rubygems 2.0.0 and 1.8.25, there is no mention about ~/.gem in gem env, looks like the path is hardcoded - any chance on getting it configurable? or specifying new root for rubygems operations?


Since this is in the Future milestone, I plan to implement it at some point in the future.

If there were a pull request it I could add the feature much quicker.

@mpapis mpapis referenced this issue from a commit in mpapis/rubygems
@mpapis mpapis add support for ENV GEM_SPEC, fix #430 2d4e83b
@mpapis mpapis referenced this issue from a commit in mpapis/rubygems
@mpapis mpapis add support for ENV GEM_SPEC, fix #430 bdd533f
@drbrain drbrain closed this in e3da748
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@drbrain drbrain Merge branch 'pietro-key_passphrase'
* pietro-key_passphrase: (154 commits)
  Update missed tests for rebase of #447
  Fixed pull request number type for #461
  Improve documentation of DependencyInstaller
  Alphabetize Gem::DependencyInstaller
  Removed commented out DependencyInstaller code
  Alter #489 to use GEM_SPEC_CACHE
  fix tests when GEM_SPEC is set in environment
  add support for ENV GEM_SPEC, fix #430
  Updated history for #443
  Don't alter Gem::Specification.dirs during install
  Default to Gem.dir as late as possible.
  Updated history for #455
  Update history for #456
  Update history for #462
  Add tests and alter output of #514
  add PATH to gem env
  Update History for #514
  Restore backwards-compatibility for #517
  Alphabetize RequestSet
  Undent RequestSet

@bughit bughit referenced this issue in sstephenson/rbenv

Keep gem spec cache under RBENV_ROOT #516

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