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aef commented Feb 3, 2011


I wrote a little patch to enable the user to setup a default cert chain
and signing key so I don't have to have a separate gemspec to be
published in my repositories after creating a signed gem. Also I added
options to the build command to override, or just set cert chain and
signing key for a single build process.

It would be nice to see this included, if you have any comments or
suggestions, just send me a mail. Cryptographic keys can be found at .

Kind regards

Alexander E. Fischer


You can have OptionParser do the work of making an Array for you, change this to:

add_option('-C', '--certificate-chain CERT[,CERT]', Array,

And you can drop value.split(',') below

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I like the addition of -C and -K to gem build.

You can let OptionParser do the work of splitting the values, see my note.

OptionParser does not wrap lines for you, so the descriptions should be wrapped.

I don't see any tests for -C and -K. Can you write some or would you like help?

You seem to have mixed a second change into this request, please provide separate patches for separate releases.


Yes, I will change the things you mentioned. I already tried testing my work, but there seems to be no test about the gem signing process. The most problems I had are related to creating a Security::Policy for testing, using a trust directory inside the temporary test structure. Somehow the created keypairs aren't accepted as trusted. I will upload my current works soon, so maybe you can help.

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This appears dead, I'm going to close it. Please reopen if resurrected.

@evanphx evanphx closed this Oct 6, 2012
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