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= RubyGems

(See Releases for release-specific information)

== Installation

Get it from RubyForge ( and run (as root, if appropriate and necessary)

  ruby setup.rb

For more details and other options, see:

* {User Guide/Installation}[]

== For User Documentation, see

* {RubyGems User Guide}[]
* {Frequently Asked Questions}[]

== For developer docs see

* {Creating Gems}[]
* {GEM Specification}[]

== The home page of the RubyGems Documentation

* {RubyGems Home}[]

== Additional directories

[./bin/...]       binary commands (gem, gem_server, etc)
[./lib/...]       the RubyGems library
[./packages/...]  default RubyGems packages (currently only 'sources')
[./test/...]      unit and functional tests
[./examples/...]  example library w/gemspec for generating and installing gems
[./gemspecs/...]  example gemspecs

== Credits

RubyGems was originally developed at RubyConf 2003 by:

* Rich Kilmer -- rich(at)
* Chad Fowler -- chad(at)
* David Black -- dblack(at)
* Paul Brannan -- paul(at)
* Jim Weirch -- {jim(at)}[]

== Contributors since then

* Gavin Sinclair -- gsinclair(at)
* George Marrows-- george.marrows(at)
* Dick Davies -- rasputnik(at)
* Mauricio Fernandez -- batsman.geo(at)
* Simon Strandgaard -- neoneye(at)
* Dave Glasser -- glasser(at)
* Paul Duncan -- pabs(at)
* Ville Aine -- vaine(at)
* Ryan Davis -- 
* Eric Hodel -- drbrain(at)

(If your name is missing, PLEASE let us know!)

== Feedback

Please provide us feedback at


-The RubyGems Team
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