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fix updating index generation

this also removes another call to add_specs
latest commit 778ecdcbe8
@tenderlove tenderlove authored
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commands eliminate regexp support from `matching_specs`
core_ext drop hash allocations and optimize for success cases
ext Don't output mkmf.log result if file doesn't exist
package pass the security policy to the package constructor
request Merge pull request #1035 from hsbt/remove-useless-variables
request_set Make GemDependencyAPI available after .use_gemdeps
resolver remove extra caching on `spec`
security Fix typos and misspellings
source Raise immediately if a git revision is missing
ssl_certs Add Root CA with SHA1 signature
util let enumerable do the heavy lifting for `find`
available_set.rb Respect prerelease version requirements
basic_specification.rb change loaded_from to an attr_accessor
command.rb Update gem help commands list
command_manager.rb backport r47299 from ruby/ruby trunk.
compatibility.rb backport r48985 from ruby/ruby trunk
config_file.rb backport r47299 from ruby/ruby trunk.
defaults.rb Ignore vendor_dir in default_path when missing
dependency.rb eliminate regexp support from `matching_specs`
dependency_installer.rb Fix a bug that "gem install" use "ruby" platform rather than specific…
dependency_list.rb Drop `rescue TSort::Cyclic` from `Gem::{DependencyList,RequestSet}#ts…
deprecate.rb Remove TODO re: 1.8.7; not relevant as no longer supported
doctor.rb use File.exist? instead of File.exists?
errors.rb Fix variable shadowing warning
exceptions.rb Reparent dependency errors atop DependencyError
ext.rb Do not require 'rubygems' from 'rubygems/ext'
gem_runner.rb Extract extract_build_args from Gem::GemRunner#run
gemcutter_utilities.rb Skip signing-in if a non-rubygems API key is already requested
indexer.rb fix updating index generation
install_default_message.rb Initial support for installing default gems.
install_message.rb Add TODO for various improvements to RubyGems.
install_update_options.rb Disable --vendor when vendordir is missing
installer.rb clear unresolved_deps on test teardown
installer_test_case.rb add an installer constructor for paths
local_remote_options.rb Clearer wording for --source option
mock_gem_ui.rb - RubyGems now asks before overwriting executable wrappers. Ruby Bug …
name_tuple.rb Support earlier rubyies following @0a8b54d
package.rb pass the security policy to the package constructor
package_task.rb Improve PackageTask tests
path_support.rb remove dead code
platform.rb mswin64 support.
psych_additions.rb Fix typos and misspellings
psych_tree.rb Fix backwards compatibility for @387ab4e
rdoc.rb Remove meaningless ensure
remote_fetcher.rb Fix typos and misspellings
request.rb Move Request::ConnectionPools::HTTPSPool to Request
request_set.rb add an installer constructor for paths
requirement.rb `dependencies` is now completely homogeneous
resolver.rb Add whitespace
security.rb Merge ruby/ruby@dff0aa5 upstream
server.rb Support /quick with prereleases in Gem::Server
source.rb Ignore URI parse errors for source subclasses
source_list.rb Complete SourceList documentation
source_local.rb Moved source_local.rb to source/local.rb
source_specific_file.rb Moved source_specific_file.rb to source/specific_file.rb
spec_fetcher.rb only look at latest specs to suggest name
specification.rb don't mutate spec cache in generate_index
stub_specification.rb speed up default_gem? on stub specifications
syck_hack.rb Found a few typos in comments
test_case.rb clear unresolved_deps on test teardown
test_utilities.rb Allow file:// URIs for sources
text.rb Fix fuzzy search for long strings
uninstaller.rb Sort list, not names of gems for #918
uri_formatter.rb Improve documentation
user_interaction.rb Don't need these lines here
util.rb Fix unused variable warning
validator.rb Ignore default gems when validating
version.rb calculate version object hash based on the @version string
version_option.rb Allow multiple requirements in a --version
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