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Language Server

language-server-ruby is an implementation of the Language Server Protocol in TypeScript with the intention of targetting the Ruby programming language.

The server is built to be extensible, accurate, and performant with such features as:

  • Automatic Ruby environment detection with support for rvm, rbenv, chruby, and asdf
  • Robust language feature extraction powered by the tree-sitter project
  • Lint support via RuboCop, Reek, and Standard
  • Format support via RuboCop, Standard, and Rufo
  • Semantic code folding support
  • Semantic highlighting support
  • Intellisense support

Note that the language server is currently under active development!


The extension exposes a command via the VSCode Command Palette to view the Language Server's logs. Just use the Ruby: Show Language Server Output Channel command to view the server's logs

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