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Jacker - A simple time/job tracker

Jacker is an extremely simple time tracker. It doesn't have any fancy features, you just tell it what you're working on when you start and when you stop.

The 3 Parts of Jacker

The Ruby Library

The core of Jacker, its interface simple enough to describe right here:

Jacker.start('working on a task')
Jacker.current                       # => "working on a task"
Jacker.running?                      # => true

The Command Line Interface

A simple wrapper to the library for use from the command line.

$ jacker start working on jacker readme
$ jacker current # => working on jacker readme
$ jacker status  # => jacking: working on jacker readme
$ jacker stop
$ jacker status  # => not jacking
$ jacker report
  09/24/08 08:00 08:05 working on jacker readme

The OSX App

An app that sits in the status tray alowing you to start and stop jacking. You can hook a global keyboard shortcut to this. Here are some screenshots:


You can install the rubyist-jacker gem from github to get the library and command line interface. Use the git repository to get the OSX app for now, it's not quite polished enough for distribution yet. It currently expects you to have the gem installed.