A minimal run dialog written against GTK+2 circa 2002 or so
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/* *****************************************************************************
* File: sbrun.c
* Purpose: It's a run minimal dialog with history and completion.
* This is the code for it, if you hadn't surmised.
* Author: Scott Barron 
* Requires: Gtk+2 and everything it needs.
* Install: gcc -o sbrun `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0` sbrun.c
* If you have trouble with this just install GNOME or KDE
* or something, this isn't for you.
* License: Yeah, whatever. If you're so pathetic you'd have to steal
* such simple code, steal it. You're probably going to hell
* anyway. If you're not pathetic and you just want a run
* dialog that doesn't blow, use this in whatever way you see
* fit. You won't be going to hell.
* ****************************************************************************/