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add .gems for xml_curl_server

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1 parent 383f029 commit 5bb17c67725c8405fb0f8a29f8c1bf98410ee45c @manveru manveru committed Jan 17, 2012
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+# .gems generated gem export file. Note that any env variable settings will be missing. Append these after using a ';' field separator
+bacon -v1.1.0
+daemons -v1.1.5
+eventmachine -v0.12.10
+freeswitcher -v0.7.1
+innate -v2011.12
+log4r -v1.1.10
+nokogiri -v1.5.0
+pg -v0.12.2
+pgpass -v2012.01
+rack -v1.4.0
+rack-test -v0.6.1
+sequel -v3.31.0
+thin -v1.3.1

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